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Company of Heroes Retail 1.4 -> 1.5 Patch

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Company of Heroes

Company of Heroes Release Notes

v1.5 01/05/2007

New Maps
2p_Beaux Lowlands

General Fixes
- Games with friends now have a friend icon displayed when browsing the lobby game list.
- Messages regarding game connection attempts are logged to the chat window for all players in the session.
- Rank icons now indicate the type of game the rank was earned in.
- Games with players who have infinite pings now display an "X" for ping in the lobby game list.
- New game list filtering options added to the online lobby.
- Custom maps are now properly supported in multiplayer.
- Losing connection with the lobby while downloading a patch no longer crashes the game.

- UI sounds have been added to the online lobby.
- Auto match sound notification has been improved.
- Various speech fixes for weapons have been implemented and tuned.
- Destruction sounds have been added to various world objects.
- Repetition has been reduced in battle chatter and with various units.

Sherman Calliope:
- Sherman Calliope’s main tank gun has been removed and the Calliope Barrage ability is now free to use.
- Sherman Calliope Barrage range increased from 130 to 150 meters.
- Sherman Calliope now has cap of 2, similar to the Pershing Heavy Tank.
- Sherman Calliope cost reduced from 600 Manpower to 560 Manpower.
- Sherman Calliope Barrage ability recharge timer increased to 105 seconds
M10 Tank Destroyer:
- Allied M10 Movement improved: 15% increase to acceleration and 10% increase rotation rate.
- Allied M10 Tank Destroyer weapon damage has been increased and Fuel cost has been reduced by 5.
- Axis Armoured Car (Puma) 20mm main cannon rear penetration vs. the Allied M10 significantly reduced.
M8 Armored Car:
- Allied M8 Armored Car’s accuracy on the move increased. Now on par with the M4 Sherman and M10 Tank Destroyer.
- Allied M8 Armored Car’s accuracy penalties vs. the Axis Armored Car (Puma) have been removed.
- Allied M8 Armored Car Armor upgrade Munitions cost reduced by 25.
M26 Pershing Heavy Tank:
- Allied Pershing penetration rate vs. the Stug  increased to 80%.
- Axis Stug penetration rate vs. the Pershing has been reduced to 45% from 74.6%
Allied Commander Tree Improvements:
- Armoured Fury Branch changed to: Raid  to Allied War Machine to Calliope.
- War Machine Branch changed to: Fast Deployment to Field Repairs to Pershing.
- Allied War Machine Command Point Cost reduced by 1
- Sherman Calliope Command Point Cost reduced by 1
Infantry AT weapon changes (Allies and Axis):
- All Infantry Anti-Tank weaponry (Bazooka, Recoilless Rifle, Panzerschreck) are slightly more accurate when firing at moving light targets.
- Allied Bazookas and Recoilless Rifles now deal slightly more damage to Light Vehicles
- Panzerfaust accuracy against infantry targets has been reduced as intended. While there is still a chance to directly hit and kill targets like snipers, - Panzerfausts are now more likely to cause splash damage rather than kill infantry.
- Panzerschreck Damage vs. base buildings lowered by 25%.
- Bazooka damage vs. base buildings has been lowered by 25%.
Allied BAR and suppression changes:
- Allied BAR Rifle upgrade now gives 2 BAR Rifles rather than 3. Allied BAR Riflemen squads will now be able to pick-up MG42 and Panzerschreck items
- Allied BAR Rifle damage increased by 40%.
- Allied BAR Rifle will take slightly longer to Pin units that are in a Suppressed state
- Allied BAR Suppression ability can no longer suppress and pin units in heavy cover.
Construction Changes:
- Players may no longer delete Sand Bags or Tank Traps.
- Allied Observation Post built from Riflemen now has the same build speed as the Observation Post built by Engineers.
- Allied Observation Posts, Axis Observation Posts, and Machine Gun Nests now have the appropriate target type while building; now like all other buildings they will be much more susceptible to damage while under construction
- Axis Volksgrenadiers can now utilize the same build menu as the Grenadiers – this allows them to construct Barbed Wire and Sand Bags.
Smoke Changes:
- All Barrage weapons no longer have a 50% chance to miss targets in Smoke.
- Projectiles will no longer pass directly through Sherman’s on registered “Misses” – they will now behave like all other tanks and those hits will be registered as a non-penetrated “deflection”.
- Sherman smoke launcher recharge rate was less than the duration of the ability, now set to 45 seconds
Axis Officer:
- Axis ‘Leutnant’ Manpower cost decreased to 260 from 340
- Axis ‘Leutnant’ Build Time increased to 60 from 30.
General Squad and Weapon Changes (Allies and Axis):
- All Snipers more effective against units garrisoned inside of bunkers.
- All Allied Rifles slightly more effective against Axis Motorcycles
- Allied Engineers with the Flamethrower upgrade are no longer resistant to Sniper Shots
- Fixed an issue where the Stug’s main gun Area-of-Effect was too effective against infantry squads.
- Axis Assault ability will now break pinning/suppression and prevent pinning/suppression while the ability is active.
- Increased Axis Infantry passive health regeneration bonus received from their first level of veterancy by 40%.
General Vehicle Changes (Allies and Axis):
- Panzer IV accuracy while moving set to the same value as other tanks.
- Axis Goliaths now destroy Tank Traps in a single explosion.
- Axis Armoured Car Puma 50mm Cannon upgrade now requires Escalate to Battle Phase upgrade.
- Axis Motorcycles damage vs. units in light or heavy cover has been slightly reduced
- Axis StuH 42 now effectively kills infantry as was originally intended
- Axis Armoured Car Puma 50mm Upgrade accuracy reduced vs. infantry. It is intended as an anti-armor upgrade.
General Heavy Weapon Team Changes (Allies and Axis):
- All Mortars now have a chance to deal Mobility Damage if they hit Light Vehicles.
- All Anti-Tank guns are now more accurate when firing at moving and stationary Light Vehicles.
- Allied 57mm Anti-Tank gun firing cone has been increased by 20 degrees to match Axis 50mm Anti-Tank gun.
- Allied HMG Armor Piercing Rounds ability price reduced from 50 to 35 munitions.
- Allied Howitzer Gun Barrage is less accurate when firing into the Fog of War.
- Axis Nebelwerfer Manpower cost has been reduced by 20
- Axis Nebelwerfer Rocket Suppression area of effect increased.
- Axis Nebelwerfer Rocket area of effect damaged reduced. Direct hits and near misses will still damage infantry units.
- Axis Nebelwerfer will deal a reduced amount of damage to units in light, heavy, bunker, and garrison cover types.
- Axis Flak 88’s are more resilient to Artillery, off-map attacks, and satchel charges (the crew manning them is not).
- Axis Flak 88’s and Nebelwerfers can now be re-manned by 2-man Pioneer squads.

v1.4 11/21/2006

General Fixes
- Both Ranked and Custom games now support random starting locations.
- The in-game server status URL now points to
- Fixed a bug pertaining to unranked matches counting as Ranked matches.
- New performance and lag indicators have been added to the Online UI.
- A new loading screen has been added which incorporates player names, ranks and loading bars.

- Light Vehicles can no longer be blocked by Allied Barbed Wire and Sand Bags
- Light and Medium Vehicles can no longer crush Axis Tank Traps.
- Fixed bug where Allied AT Guns could destroy Axis Flak 88s in a single registered hit, regardless of the Flak 88's health.
- Fixed issue where unfinished defensive structures had 100% health. Also, Now all unfinished defensive structures take much more damage from all weapons.
- Fixed bug where the Axis Halftrack Flammenwerfer upgrade cost fuel. This was an attribute data error.
- Allied and Axis Snipers can once again kill each other with single registered hits.
- Improved Sherman Crocodile damage against infantry units not in cover

v1.3 10/24/2006

- New multiplayer map: 6P_Seine River Docks
- New and improved Game Replay functionality allows players to view the game from a selected player’s perspective in slow motion or fast forward. In addition the game UI can now be minimized to reveal a larger viewing space of the action going on in the replay. To compliment this, a new Cinematic Mode allows players to sit back and enjoy the show.
- Cinematic Mode camera - Replay your battles as the game automatically switches between cinematic camera angles, capturing the sound and fury of war from the combatants' perspective.
- IME support for Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Windows Vista

- Improved SLI performance on Nvidia systems using the latest drivers.

General Fixes
- BugReport has more space on the success dialog to show Cyrillic text.
- Far East characters will not clip when listed in a multi-line text box.
- 30260 is now listed as the correct port to leave unblocked.
- Removal of ghost bug that could leave duplicates upon reload of a saved game.
- The playback controls for viewing a recorded game have their graphics fixed.

- Medal text is now visible (Korean)
- Reinforce radius has been fixed on certain buildings.
- M02: Fixed several instances of having the wrong named character's picture attached to subtitled text.
- M02: Game no longer incorrectly instructs the player to reinforce the squad.
- M04: Fixed a Fatal Scar Error that occurred when the church is taken back by the enemy forces, just as the timer ends, and as the cinematic is about to begin.
- M05: Convoy will no longer exit the map using an unsecured road after you complete the final objective
- M08: Fixed critical error after countdown reaches 0 after holding the city centre point
- M10: The ''Select HQ'' Button now properly selects the forward HQ
- M10: Fixed the lack of audio for subtitled text.
- M10: Game no longer incorrectly instructs the player to convert a building outside controlled territory
- M11: Briefing fixed subtitle timing issue

- Fixed the problem where mouse-clicking on a unit onscreen under heavy loads often does not result in the unit being selected.
- Improved load times by fixing pathfinding regens.
- Fixed the bug where capturing an enemy weapon resulted in it having enemy unit occlusion.
- Veterancy speech samples are now triggered correctly.
- The vehicle repair icon now shows up offscreen.
- Fix for Allied Engineers becoming trapped when building barbed wire close to sandbags or other obstacles, which prevents them from completing orders.
- All sectors default to neutral on Map Montherme, previously one player would start with ownership of a sector.
- Allied and Axis HQs can no longer be deleted by the player.
- Players will no longer lose munitions income from creating an Axis Sniper.
- Axis Blitzkrieg ability now displays appropriate icon over Axis Anti-Tank Gun.
- Axis Halftracks and Allied halftracks will now carry a maximum of 3 squads total opposed to 4.
- Weapon capture squads can now reinforce to full squad size.
- Tuned projectile launcher location for Axis Pak 38 so it now shoots from the correct gun height.
- Sniper "Make Casualty" or "Hit but not killed" criticals no longer kill their target. The result of this is that Snipers will no longer one-shot-kill other Snipers if they have full health.
- Allied Engineers had a 1% chance to instantly kill a target, this was fixed and they now operate as intended.
- Fix for the computer AI constantly cancelling construction and rebuilding a structure when destroying the building and staying in the area in any game.
- Allied Engineer Demolitions ability will now destroy an Axis Security Post in one detonation as intended.
- Axis Salvage ability is no longer giving inappropriate returns for the Axis Halftracks and Stug.
- Allied Rangers were detecting camouflaged units at a very high radius, this has been reduced to the standard radius for infantry units.
- Axis Flammenwerfer Halftrack will now successfully upgrade when pioneers are loaded inside.

- Fixed the issue of split or cut-off text when viewing the Play Now screen in the Online Lobby on 1920x1200 (widescreen)
- Players should now hear an audio prompt when sending a chat message to an ally or enemy.
- The scrollbar for the player list now resets properly to the top position when switching between chat channels in the online lobby
- Fixed the bug where Annihilation games would end before players could see the enemy's HQ collapsing.
- Users with slower computers will see each other properly in the game lobby.
- Most Wins list and top 15 players list display properly in the Leaderboard 1v1 bracket.
- Players looking for Ranked Games are no longer displayed as "0" on the News tab.
- Fix for cut-off and split text in the Online Lobby when viewing 1920x1200 widescreen in Polish, Spanish, Czech, German and Italian.

- Performance measurements now include loading time.
- Fix for no SFX, Music or Speech play if you ALT-TAB from the MP lobby and ALT-TAB back after the game has loaded.
- Fixed a crash relating to players logging out of Relic Online during the countdown to game launch.
- UI now properly filtering out old replays from previous versions of the game.

- Axis Ostwind has more frequent reloads, will be less effective vs units in cover or in buildings.
- Axis Ostwind’s damage to player-buildings has been reduced (35-40% reduction)
- Axis Panther tuning moderate speed and rotation rate increases (bringing mobility a bit closer to the Allied Sherman).
- Axis Armoured Car cost increased by 10 fuel.
- Axis Stug build time increased by 10 seconds.
- Allied Sherman main gun effectiveness vs. units garrisoned within ambient buildings reduced.
- Allied Sherman main gun Area of Effect damage slightly lowered.
- Fixed the Allied Bazooka’s unnecessary accuracy penalty vs. the Axis Stug and Panzer IV.
- Allied Airborne Satchel charges strengthened against buildings and bunkers.
- Fortify the Perimeter Commander Tree item in the Defensive Doctrine has had a 1 Commander Point reduction.
- Axis Flak 88 Commander Tree item in the Defensive Doctrine has had a 1 Commander Point increase.
- For the Fatherland ability cost has been reduced by 40%.
- All vehicle main guns effectiveness vs. infantry in cover reduced.
- Sherman Calliope Main Turret reload time is 50% slower than the standard Sherman.
- Allies Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) is significantly less effective on the move.

- Scenario pack support
- A scenario pack (*.sga file) is an archive that contain all the files needed for a scenario allowing for easy map sharing.  
- Added the Worldbuilder tool.
- Added the MovieMaker tool.
- Supports export of scenario packs by selecting Export Scenario in the File menu.

v1.2 9/12/2006

- Connectivity fixes
- SLI performance fix
- Allied HMG exploit fix
- Axis wreck exploit fix
- Various crash fixes

v1.1 8/25/2006

- Multithreaded lens-flare destruction fix
- Burning building crash fix

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