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Darkest Time is presented as a global modification with a changed story line of the game STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl. In addition to numerous changes in graphics and gameplay of the game got seriously reworked storyline and quests, which are in turn attached to the history of tagging a whole new philosophical meaning. The presence of additional quests, greatly expands the storyline, and the appearance of the original support of the main character in the face of the artifact with the living consciousness, gives individual game.

About the story and quests:

Six months have passed since that moment as labeled disabled Vyzhigatel ... Much has changed. The groups broke up due to internal disagreements, the army can not cope with its mandate, the mutants are distributed throughout the territory of CEZ ... In the chaos of the Zone. Tagging spoken of as ordinary stalker, which is pursuing its own goals, disabled Vyzhigatel, he reached the center of the zone and unravel its mysteries. But is it really? Who are you - it does not matter, you have nothing to save. But during the next outing you find the disc with videos. Secluded, you begin to study the contents of the disc. Someone by the name of Gleb says in the video the whole truth about what happened six months ago, in fact.

In the dark time seriously revised approach to applying topical stories, presented in the original version. The main plot of the game was divided into chapters, and the emergence of additional jobs has considerably expanded the development of plot lines. The remaining quests are inherited from the original Stalker PM have been largely reworked, altered, and some simply removed. The main character has gained some personality, received a name and a voice.

The main highlight was the appearance presented by changes in the artifact with the living consciousness that will accompany Marked as we move to the final, to assist, to talk to the protagonist, and even a few times to keep him alive. However, the true essence of the appearance and the intentions of the artifact, the player will know immediately when passing fashion dark time. Developers also allow the possibility of the complete destruction of Duty and Freedom faction, followed by the seizure of their team sites and the consequences of the violation of the balance of forces in the region, the consequences.

During the many topical tasks, the player will meet quite a few interesting characters, one of whom will be female and to have a role in this story. Do not forget that now in the final game will have an impact, which appeared karma protagonist. Direct impact on karma will have completed the side quests that greatly enhance the basic plot story. Do not forget that all the innovations scene character will appear in the game slowly, so do not wait for them all at once from the start.

Major changes:
- The revised and expanded storyline.
- New characters.
- New story and additional tasks.
- Seriously modified graphics part, by combining the 6-party graphic projects, game got its atmosphere and individual style.
- A great deal of work on the articulation of new and old characters, adjusted sound sounds and objects.
- During scoring participated as professional actors and amateurs dubbing.
- A wide range of gameplay edits from the game loot items to revisions of slide and adjust various game systems.

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