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7 Deadly Sins 3.0 BETA 3d

Uploaded by LordMike


7DS 3.0 BETA 3d 7 Deadly Sins - mod for Sins of A Solar Empire

Version 3 of the 7 Deadly Sins expansion Mod for Sins of A Solar Empire (SOASE) was recently released (2015-11-21).
It's been added here to keep it alive. The mod is harder and harder to find - but I was able to (finally) make the download section work by making my way into the premium section (it's been opened for all due to an issue with Gamefront hosting). The following forum topic was instrumental in finding the file:

How to install:
* Find the SOASE mod folder (open the game, enter mods, click "Show Mod Path").
* Extract the contents of the 7z file (using 7-zip) into the mod folder
* (Re-)start SOASE and enter the Mods section again. Enable the 3.0 BETA mod.
* Sidenote: The developer recommends enabling "Large Address Aware" extension on the SOASE game file - see more below.

* Theres a manual inside the 7z file
* It seems to work with SOASE Rebellion version 1.82

- Mike.

== Large Address Aware ==

Due to the large sizes of some mods, it's recommended to enable SOASE to use more memory (it's capped at ~2GB due to it being 32-bit). This can be done with the LAA enabler, which is described in this other mods video (download link is below):

The LAA-enabler program is included in this torrent.

== Message from Developer ==

Here is it. 7DS 3.0 for Rebellion. Must have the latest Rebellion version installed.
Please do not have any of the DLC's active while using 7DS.

Also, LAA is a must, please download it from us if you don't have it already!

After over a year in making, I present 7DS 3.0 Beta 3d.
This is the latest and greatest 7DS yet. Updated 11/21/15.

Thanks for your patience and dedication!

Please enjoy, playtest, and report any bugs in our thread. Remember, this is still Beta, so they may be bugs, imbalances, and things that just break the game. Please report it!



== Details ==

Original source:

LAA-enabler source:

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