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Maze Of Dark Shadows 2014

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Maze of dark shadows
You are alone in the dark maze somewhere under the ground and your last hope is to explore it all in attempt to find the secret way out. Welcome to the thrilling Maze of dark shadows game where you have nothing in store but your flashlight. Are you ready to face numerous obstacles which can be found in the darkness? Lighten your way running along the depressing corridors and try to find as many sets of batteries as you can. They are really vital as they let your flashlight work for some longer period of time. Are you afraid of darkness? If no, you will be as soon as you start playing this game. If yes, you'll be thrilled even more! Remember – some evil creatures in the dark corridors can steal your health. Don't start panic right now – collect helpful first aid kits which are scattered in the terrible maze. In the stunning Maze of dark shadows game you are absolutely alone and you can't rely on anybody or lean on anybody's hand. Special effects are so realistic that you even imagine yourself inside the closed space where you can't see anything except the yellow circle of you torch. You may even think that you'll never enjoy the sunshine and the usual daily routine anymore. However, you should believe (and you can do nothing else!) that once the corridor is finished and you'll see the light at the end of the tunnel! Download the awesome Maze of dark shadows game and prove you'll find the way out!

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