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Allright so I decided to get this off before I delete everything of my harddisk.
This file archive of maps, addons and tools for the game Chaser has been collected by the former chaser "fansite" that I used to run from 2005-2007 .
I added lots of new maps that have been released after 2007 by the community from so credits goes out to that website too for hosting them.

Inside the 'patches' directory I added the new community made patches fetched from .
I'am not responsible for any damage these file might do to you or your computer/network. I did not test them, but everyone seems to use them so they 'should' be fine.

This packages is in no way complete but maybe you will find some usefull tools or maps that might be no where to find anylonger on the interweb.

You don NOT need to download the entire archive if your only interested in one or a few files instruct your torrent client to only download this files!

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