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Squad Spark (2011) [ENG] PC

Uploaded by Tobus



Year: 2011
Genre: TDS
Developer: KRUTyaK
Publisher: Falco Software Company
Language: English
Platform: PC

System requirements:
- Operating system Microsoft Windows 98, ME, XP, Vista, Win7
- Pentium 3 and above
- 256 MB RAM
- Video card with 32 MB memory
- The sound device compatible with DirectX 7
- DirectX 7

Abyss City - Interesting Top Down Shooter with monsters, weapons and good graphics. Clear zones of their monsters, collecting bonuses and weapons. The year is 2549. Abyss City - A huge city is constructed on an artificial Island, in the middle of a silent ocean. After a horrible accident, a virus is released that is transforming people and animals into monsters... To locate the source of the virus on island, a group of the super-armed fighters under the name the SPARK has been deployed... The group travels by helicopter to the infected zone, but soon the helicopter is forced down... All the group's fighters, except one, perish.

Additional info

Type Games
Size 18.5 MB (19,430,528 bytes)
Downloaded 7 time(s)
Uploaded by Tobus


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