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Third Age Total War 3.1 Patch

Uploaded by GreatHamster


3.1 Bug Fixes & Other changes. Click on read more to see the full changelog and notes. hide detail -

Bug Fixes:
- Dwarven Axethrowers crash.
- Woodland Warriors missing axes
- Dunlending Clansmen wrong shield textures
- Spelling errors in several texts
- Balrog/Sauron crash when hit by flaming projectiles
- Messed up deployment of Black Gate (campaign)*
- Homeguard Cavalry missing secondary weapons (Thanks to the celt)
- Imladris Riders and Eldarinwë Lancers not recruitable
- High Elves General model errors
- Grey Company wrong unit card
- Added recruitment  possibilities in villages
- Elendilmir description edited
- possible crash when Isengard was weakened fixed*
- Slave banner carrier missing texture
- Silvan Elves wrong bodyguards
- Hobbit/Bandobras Archers missing textures
- ancillary error fixed

Other Changes:
- returned to old water (due to occasional technical issues)
- spiders slightly weakened
- slightly more start income for AI & Player*
- slightly more tax income for AI & Player
- slightly reduced morale bonus for AI
- re-added some positive/negative squalor effects

Patch 3.1 is save-game compatible!
(The features marked with an '*' do only have an effect when starting a new campaign.)

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