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The Battle for Middle Earth is about to begin with one of the most anticipated Total War modification releases of all time ready and available to download. The Medieval II: Total War - Kingdoms powered Third Age: Total War is a must download for any Lord of the Rings, or Total War fan. Version 3.0 has a fantastic feature list including:

   A true total conversion mod with new campaign map textures, models, rivers, and resources inspired by the captivating world created by J. R. R. Tolkien for Lord of the Rings.
   25 breathtaking new and unique settlements including Minas Tirith, Isengard, Dol Guldur and The Black Gate.
   Vast gameplay changes including unique events. Make use of the One Ring, Palantírs, and The Mirror of Galadriel in the fight of good versus evil.
   New units, mercenaries, rebels and horses - including Rhovanion Riders, Dunlending Axemen, Guards of Osgiliath, High Elven units and much much more!

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