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|FPS| Söldner: Secret Wars -=Community Edition=- Game Client v33900 [now free to play!]

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Söldner is now free to play! No CD key required!
This package installs the game.
To run your own server, get the standalone server at:

A brief history: Following a successful public beta in 2003, Wings Simulations released its team-based, online FPS "Söldner" (or "mercenary") to excited (but possibly overhyped) gamers. Wings eventually disbanded; the game's continued development was handed off to several other groups and overseen by the original publisher JoWood Productions. See Söldner @ for more info.

Besides being very challenging, Söldner boasted several features which were unheard of at the time:
  • Destructible buildings, landscapes, and trees
  • A wealth of modern/near-future weapons, gadgets, ground vehicles, and aircraft
  • Character customization
  • A gesture/macro system which allowed easy communication of strategy, sillyness, and of course taunting - across several languages!

    After countless hours of additional tweaking, a new, free to play version has now been released. Although it is now more than 7 years old, the game still holds a special spot in many hearts. Be aware that the majority of current players are from Europe, and that most users come out around 9AM-5PM EST. Give it a try, bring some friends, and fight hard!

    For the homepage, forums, and serverlist, goto:

    Minimum System Requirements
    OS: Windows XP or higher
    CPU: 1800MHz (1.8GHz) or higher single/multicore
    RAM: 1GB
    Graphics card: 2004 models and up

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