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ArmA 2 Island Fallujah v1.2

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I suspect after Playing this map the USMC had a increase of recruits
Well suited for Insurgency v0.80


ArmA II - Fallujah ver. 1.2

Homepage and bug report


- ArmA2 ver. 1.7 or later / ArmA2 Combined Operations 1.52 or later


- Place Fallujah1_2.7z into your main ArmA2 folder
- Extract Fallujah1_2.7z

Content of Fallujah1_2.7z
- addons/ArmA II Fallujah 1.2 Readme.txt (this file)
- addons/Fallujah1_2.pbo
- addons/Fallujah1_2.pbo.Shezan74.bisign
- addons/fallujah_hou1_2.pbo
- addons/fallujah_hou1_2.pbo.Shezan74.bisign
- addons/Shezan74.bikey

Fallujah features

- 10x10 Km terrain, 4x4 km city terrain
- Based on satellite pictures from real Fallujah area
- Big city (more than 3.000 buildings and growing)
- Houses and palms from ArmA1 to keep high performances and framerate.
- 2 Bridges and 2 dams
- Real based road grid
- Object placement AI-Friendly
- Urban, desert and oasis area
- 330.000 objects placed
- One military airport to the south, one FOB on the northern area (by -[TdC] and another helicopter base in the northern city area.

World Tools has been highly used in building the city to create environment randomness and bio-diversity.

Notes to mission makers

The map has been profoundly changed.
To ensure that no player can play with a different version, with different trees and objects in different places and have advantages in the game,
i have changed the name of the map in fallujah_v1_0 into "cfgPatches" section.

Version history

•Fixed support for ArmA2 Vanilla (no OA)
•Fixed (hopefully) the problem with Fallujah bridge (bridge hopping)
•Changed the format of map grid (now with 4 digits)
•Added support for ambient civilians (Takistan) (ALICE MODULE)
•Fixed runway headings textures
•Updated config to provide better coordinates with GPS and ACE DAGR
•Some other small enhancements

•Opened another entrance north of the airport for AI movements
•reworked highway bushes with less density
•Fixed some objects placements at airport
•Cleaned some roads from residual bushes
•Planted some palms along the east highway
•Removed bushes from water
•City name location types reworked for better compatibility with mission scripters
•2 new bridges near dams to enable AI movements in south west area
•Small enhancements all around the map

•Bug #14371: FLIR check
•Feature #14298: Buildings: Airport area
•Feature #14300: Buildings: Add sqm houses accross map
•Feature #14338: CFG: Map names and Alice support
•Feature #14341: Buildings: Industrial Area
•Feature #14464: Mask: Airport mask and clutter
•Feature #14495: CFG: Map Image

•Bug #14661: Map scale
•Feature #14302: Morphing: Terrain smoothing near rivers
•Feature #14357: Vegetation: map vegetation
•Feature #14413: Roads: Training Circuit
•Feature #14522: Terrain: Close Euphrate River Ovest
•Support #14459: Shezan74.bikey
•Support #14758: No .bisign for fallujah_hou.pbo
•Feature #14355: Clutter
•Feature #14332: Buildings: Make a new train station north of Fallujah city

•Bug #14474: Crash while crossing bridges
•Feature #14358: Vegetation: city palms

•Bug #14360: Objects: Warehouses
•Bug #14362: Objects: FOB
•Bug #14417: AIRPORT ILS
•Feature #14299: Buildings: Fix / replace hotels with smaller hotels
•Feature #14340: Roads: Industrial Area
•Feature #14380: Highway passages

First public release - beta version


Island by -[TdC] -
Masks, missions and sqm objects by -[TdC]

Beta testing and contributions by

-[TdC]- Clan:

ArmA II - Fallujah license

You are permitted to install and use the Fallujah for personal entertainment
purposes only. Any military, commercial or educational use is strictly prohibited without permission from the author.

free redistribution is permitted for the original file package as long as it is kept unmodified and distributed 100% free of charge.
Distribution of parts of the Fallujah is not allowed without explicit author authorization.


Additional info

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