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ArmA 2 Island Quesh-kibrul v2

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Another Great Island for ArmA 2
this is a perfect CTI Island for Warfare BE (Benny)


                ·:  Quesh-kibrul v2 for ArmA II:·
V2.0 :
- respawn in water after saving progression in editor --fixed--
- make doors in the airport lateral fence --fixed--
- modification of terrain in some area --fixed--
- making intro --fixed-- thanks to Mondkalb for his help.
- changing addon name in "queshkibrul" --fixed--

Extract to your ArmA IIAddOns directory or a custom one.
For Missions and MPMissions the extension is ".test"


- New island quesh_kibrul.


ArmA II: Version 1.0 beta or higher.


ADO Floosy

Special thanks

Thanks to the BIS community.
All the ADO Clan ( for help and all tests they made.
ADO Corsair83 for the intro.

License & disclaimer

You are permitted to install and use this software for
personal entertainment purposes only. Any commercial,
military or educational use is strictly forbidden without
permission from the authors.

You are free to distribute this software as you wish, as
long as it is kept 100% free of charge, it is not modified
in any way and this readme file is distributed with it.

The authors takes no responsibility for any damages this
program may cause, use at your own risk.

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