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Xdelta Patch for "The Guild 2" Demo

Uploaded by Nerdyboy


This is an un-official Xdelta patch for the demo of the game "The Guild 2".


  • There exists a torrent for The Guild 2 Demo, while I have found another one (possibly newer) on the home page of the game as well on a couple of other sites, including FilePlanet.

  • I don't exactly know the difference between the 2 files, but I wonder if the latter is the international version (guessing from the file name). Also, the file-size (634M) is slightly greater than that of the previous one (601M).

    In order to let people save their bandwidth, I am offering an Xdelta patch of only 211M, so that users do not have to download 634M of data. For those of you for whom this is new, it is a non human-readable patch format. There is a WikiPedia entry for Xdelta, which however may not be quite useful. Please see Xdelta for Windows. I have created this patch with version 1.1.4 of Xdelta, so it may or may not work with newer versions!

    Apply this patch to the old demo, and you should have the newer one.

    If you are paranoid, lazy, stubborn or not willing to apply the patch, then download the entire file for the newer demo.

    I have played both versions, but have not noticed significant difference between them. I have a feeling that the newer one is more stable though.

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    Uploaded by Nerdyboy


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