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CSS SCI FI 3: Hardwired [HL2 sp] - 3.02 final

Uploaded by fitzroydoll



CSS SCI FI 3: Hardwired is a mod for Source featuring 42 unique single-player missions. Missions are set in 18 retail and 24 custom Counter-Strike: Source maps, which are installed intact to the player's CS:S game folder. The mod edits the entity data for each map as it is loaded, adding and modifying entities to create a seamless single-player experience. The maps remain unchanged and are fully playable in Counter-Strike: Source.

Players enter each map through the mission hub and can choose to play each one at a time or all in 3 linked campaigns. Each mission features a series of goals, such as to rescue hostages or destroy targets, which must be completed to move on to the next map or return to the hub. There are multiple approaches to each goal, and in each map the behavior and armament of enemies and the distribution of resources are randomly determined within defined parameters. Thus, no two plays are the same, making CSS SCI FI a truly replayable single-player experience.

Key features at a glance:

  • Single-player.
  • Requires only Counter-Strike: Source.
  • Includes a custom mission hub, weapon test range and full configuration utility.
  • Features 42 replayable non-linear missions
  • Watch the trailer here.
  • This torrent is the fully patched 3.02 final version.

    For further information please see the project home page.

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