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A.C.E. Mod for ArmA 2

Uploaded by Batstat


The Package

The A.C.E. Package for ArmA 2, consists out of 4 building blocks:
CBA: Community Base Addons - build 94
ACE: Core - build 339
ACEX: eXtras - build 225
ACEX_SM: SoundMod (Overriding default ArmA sounds) - build 29
+ userconfig

option 1
Unpack the archive to your Arma2 root directory
Use -mod=@cba;@ace;@acex;@acex_sm in your Arma 2 shortcut


"Crogram FilesBohemia InteractiveArmA 2arma2.exe"
-noSplash -mod=@cba;@ace;@acex;@acex_sm

option 2
unpack the archive to your cusom addon folder: Example c:adn
use -mod=c:adn@cba;c:adn@ece etc

Remember also to put userconfig in your arma root directory
Userconfig is not an addon. Don't use userconfig in your -mod=@...

This torrent is primary ment for NoPryl, seeding could stop any time.



Additional info

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@ACE339.7z (2.1 GB)


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