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Team Fortress 2 Map Pack

Uploaded by coldman


How to Install Maps:

Place the .bsp file into below directory (Normal install directory)
C:/Program Files/Steam/SteamApps/(your account name)/team fortress 2/tf/maps

Included Maps:

Abandoned Lab
The red team used to work with barrels filled with dangerous chemicals and the blue team used to work on new drinks: the BONK.

Blu Industries A1
This is a remake of pl_Industry.
Main changes, based on user-feedback:
- Converted from single-stage to multi-stage payload.
- Improved map flow. Simplified navigation.
- Reduced entities (more stable).

Test map

-Raised cave route in middle area up to be a better flanking route for jumping classes. (May make it more globally accessible in future versions).
-Completely flipped final areas. Cave path to mid now dumps players into the room next to second point with the raised exit to mid.
-Changed first forward spawn to primarily exit at old one-way door.

-Major layour changes at A, B, spawns and remaining
-Added lots of signs
-Added lots of health and ammo
-Added lots of clipping
-Added nobuild in spawns
-Made most doorframes wider
-Made setupgates bigger
-Made the upper path from blue spawn unreachable for Red
-Removed path from AB to C
-Removed and remade illogical areas
-Shortened the max timer
-Lightened indoor areas

Beta 7 from wolfman101

Beta 2 of bricksolid and swiftmind's map

-Changed middle platform structure slightly.
-Moved small healths at middle to below the shacks.
-Added flanking routes around the mountain and capture areas.

Fixed a few game breaking problems (added a filter for each team respectively as well as some func_respawnroomvisulalizers).

A remake of ctf_hallofdeath, but meant for larger servers. Vents added to prevent spam in the main chokepoint, will help spies and/or scouts.
Map is longer and larger and more visually distinct.

Quick update to a6g

Ctf map, bilaterally mirrored, underground tunnels, floating islands, and so much more!

Author: I wanted to make a CTF map which is not too big and not too confusing. The theme will be something like Granary.

A map based off of magma spire's koth_blast, a favorite on my group's server.
A very small map. Jump blasters are used to get to the point and to the other base.

A KOTH map based around a river/stream. No health/ammo yet.

Alpha one of waterdome, layout overall complete excluding future window views.

This is all just a fun map, nothing too serious. I had fun making it, and I hope you enjoy playing it!

A standard payload map for Team Fortress 2, Blu are escorting a bomb cart towards the red base.

Retro Pit
The deisgn is simple and bold and probably dowright weird. Its big, bold and bright for a start, not your usual tf2 cup of tea. The design is based off of an old nes classic, see if you can see which one.
The map itself is a fast paced, frantic king of the hill map which centers around a control point island.

Initial layout pass for the first stage of the UCMP2 project.

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