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Orion Beta 1.0 - FULL INSTALL

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Orion is a total conversion utilizing Valve Software's Orange Box engine. Orion immerses the player in an intense online experience. Featuring fast-paced tactical gameplay on futuristic battlefields, Orion brings the fun into gameplay.

>>Free Total Conversion
Only Steam and any Source engine game made by Valve

>>Dynamic Combat:
Iron sights, reflex scopes, bullet penetration, melee attacks, weapon firemodes and more!

>>Class-based Gameplay:
Featuring 3 classes per team on its first public release;

Each class features a different weapon load out and different areas of performance. Find the one that fits you best and unload on your enemies!

>>Weapon and Medical Supply caches
Located all over the battlefield, re-arm and resupply your health with these caches.

>>Interactive HUD (Heads-Up-Display)
Teammate awareness, Objective markers, audio-based information, and weapon diagnostics all located on the screen at the right time!

>>Breathtaking environments.
Duke it out on some of Source's most elaborate and detailed environments. Ranging from grass covered valleys or underground in a complex cave system. All using custom created content and models! 7 maps will be featured in the first public release.

>>New Weaponry
Featuring 17 brand new weapons on its first release, with around double the amount to come through future Content Updates!

>>Interactive Game-Modes
The first to be featured in ORION will be a version of Capture The Flag. There are 6 planned game modes already, including one completely original. Others to be released via Content Updates (shortly after the first public release) include: deathmatch, team deathmatch, search and destroy, cooperative, and our unique game mode, Vital.

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