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Deus lo Vult Kingdoms Patch 6.2

Uploaded by Shadrach


It only works if you have Kingdoms_Patch 1.5 installed:

- DLV 6.0 necessary (clean, unchanged) - get it here:

Changelog Patch 6.2 (not save compatible to 6.1 or betas)
- thanks to geomod tool from sinople i fixed errors regarding map, names,...
- included Text Overhaul Mod v0.85 Beta from Shaxx
- fixed the 6.2 openbeta 02 crashes and missing stuff
- included Grimblade little fixes 0.5: except the castle dungeons
- Archaon's Loyal Allies: alliances can only be broken by diplomacy, provocative cold war tactics, multiple alliance break chain reactions etc.
- Tokus Maximus Graphik
- added new decision at game start regarding faction relations: standard DLV relations (example France dislikes england,...) or all starting faction relations are neutral
- economic system: reduced the crash (total loss) probability of your depot, reduced the probalitiy of negative economic events
- new grass+flowers: thanks to
- added newest Taijis battle 21

Additional info

Type Mods
Size 215.2 MB (225,630,683 bytes)
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Uploaded by Shadrach

DLV_Patch_62.exe (215.2 MB)

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