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Deus lo Vult Kingdoms 6.0

Uploaded by Shadrach


The Mod Deus lo Vult (DLV) 6.2 is an CIVlike enhancement for Medieval Total War II Kingdoms, giving the player the possibility to write his personal history and requiring a lot more strategic thinking during gameplay.

NB! It only works if you have Kingdoms_Patch 1.5 installed:

DLV patch 6.2 is also a must:

0. Player can decide during first turn which DLV features he wants to activate
1. Many more factions (reskinned) playable on a very large campaign map: + ireland, armenia, lithuania, teutonic order, flanders, norway, kingdom of jerusalem, hedjaz tribes
2. More medieval + graphical elements (remember MTW I): Heraldic Titles, Civil War,...
3. Roleplaying: Characters (Generals, Princes,...) have a more medieval based trait and ancillary system. The player should be more attached emotionally to his characters because he has to make a lot of decisions during the lifecycle: education, training, governor and military ranks, prison, retirement
4. Economical System: Many new ressourcedependent economical buildings as joiner_shop, sawmill, vineyard,... give the game a CIV like touch. Positive and negative economical events have repercussions on the effectivity of these buildings and on the whole economical situation.
The player can invest ,ask for loans or force a crown duty on his nobles. Inflation may rise dependent on the treasury volume.
5. Interactivity: The player has to make a lot of decisions regarding interactive events (economical, medieval as trade fairs, religious councils, Royal Hunt, War Draft, Gambler...) and collecting governmentalmilitary points to achieve an advancement during his game.
6. more logisticalstrategic parameters than the standard ones
- (money): If you put your army into field you have to think of supply lines or they will become unmovable, population restrictions: you can't recruit armies in endless numbers because it is restricted by your actual settlement levels, high field costs for your troops in enemy land and during sieges does require to think about the best placement of your armies,...
- no endless recruiting because of recruitement restrictions as population, settlement level,..
7. Advanced Battle and Campaign AI: new animations,....

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