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Oblivion Qarl's Texture Pack 3 Full v1.3 OMOD

Uploaded by Svenstaro


Basically, this pack adds really high resolution to Oblivion, replacing many of the low quality textures that come with the game by default. It should be noted that you need a high-performance graphics card to even run this. This is what the description says:


This is a full version of Qarl's Texture Pack III, with patch v1.3 already installed, and then created into an OMOD.  I did no work with the actual textures, all I did was combine Qarl's TP3 with the newest 1.3 patch, and then made it into an OMOD.  I found this very helpful, because it is much easier than manually uninstalling and installing all those different textures and meshes, with the OMOD, all you have to do is activate or deactivate the mod, and Oblivion Mod Manager (included) takes care of the rest.

This mod greatly enhances the graphic detail of Oblivion.  Therefore, you should probably only install this if you have a farily high-end system.  I am currently running an 8800GT with 1280x1024 resolution, 4x anti-aliasing, and max graphics, and with this mod installed I average around 45fps.

Extract the OMOD to your C:...Oblivionobmmmods folder.  Then, start up OBMM, and double click on the mod to activate it. After you have activated it, click on Utilities then Archive Invalidation. Click the bubble for BSA alteration, check mark the box for Textures, and check mark the box for Generate archiveinvalidation entries on hash collision.  If you want to know why you did all that, scroll down to number 4 in Qarl's Installation section in his readme, and he explains it a little more. NOTE: The mod might take a while to install, this is normal, and its just because this is such a big file.

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