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Combat Arms - Open Beta

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This online shooter aims to advance the FPS genre by offering a rich free-to-play experience and introducing customization features unavailable in the current generation of online FPS games.

Test servers will be open on Tuesday, July 1st at 11:00AM PST. Servers will be available 24/7 barring patches and updates. We are currently planning on keeping the servers up for testing until Official Launch, though this may be subject to change. Please stay tuned to the website for updates to the schedule for this testing phase.

You will need a Nexon Passport ID to play. If you do not have one already, you can sign up for one for free at

For existing Pre-OB testers:

* Your game will automatically patch when you log in, and you can continue playing as you did before.
* Participants in Pre-Open Beta will retain their rank and stats into Official Open Beta.

Please be aware that service for this Nexon
America game will currently only be available
for the following areas:

   * North America
   * South America
   * Oceania countries (Australia, New Zealand)

People from other countries will see the error " Error code PI, 30022 " after log in.

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