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Battlefield 2142: Server 1.5 (Windows)

Uploaded by PFactory



Added community maps, Wake Island 2142 and Operation Shingle

Added the ability to use widescreen resolutions.

Added No Vehicles mode.

Added Conquest Assault mode.

Changed the volume control for the Commander Voice Over on request of the esports community.

Changes made to pod steering mechanism to improve control while limiting pod surfing.


Fixed the loading issue caused by corrupt Radial.cdb file

Various changes made to prevent cheating.

Wake Island 2142

Narrowed down the land bridge

Fixed FAVs not spawning more than twice

Add wrecked gunship to titan deck

Shorten FAV spawn time

Add FAV to Beach

Add crates to top of dock

Create path from Village to other side of island

Add anti tank gun to Village

Add anti air gun to Beach

Add additional blockades against mech movement at entrance to dock

Get rid of Island flagpole

Add crate next to antenna at main base to help people jump up on it

Fix small bug with beached ship at Beach

Add trees back to small island

Reduce the respawn time of EU gunship 30 -> 20

Increased docked titan pod velocity 38 -> 41

Move AA gun at main base

Crates/barrels on Titan deck

Reduce FAV spawn delay

Move PAC assets to island tips

FAV spawn at main base - cars start rolling forwards

At Office and Checkpoint, the antitank can kill the titan AA gun

Put tank barriers in front of dock entrance

Bring consoles on docked titan back to normal strength

Indestructible PAC titan

Limit PAC to only one gunship

Increase docked titan pod launch velocity 35 -> 38

Add ladder on other side of dock

Turn EU gunship 180 degrees

Add spawnpoints on top of dock to Dock CP

Increase the time it takes to capture Core flag

Moved PAC titan back

Replace stairs up to dock with ladder

Fix docked titan pods launching backwards

Reduce the respawn time of EU gunship 80 -> 30

Operation Shingle

Added NO VEHICLES mode.


Preview Map updated to reflect proper Team positioning

Tickets have been reversed. Attacking team now has extra 30 tickets.

Columns/Command Center/Refugee Camp flags cannot be capped from a level below their locations.

Battle Walkers no longer do the MOONWALK on spawn

minculldistance has been removed

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