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Insurgency - Beta 2 Client Full (2.0e)

Uploaded by EKS


"The Insurgency team has released another client and server patch. This patch focuses in fixing issues reported by our community. It fixes crashes and tweaks the damage system. This release will work on all beta 2 servers and clients. (If a server is already updated but a client is not, one can still connect.)"

Fixed: Missing weapon scripts for server patch
Fixed: A server side crash

Fixed: Damage not being correct at extreem close range
Fixed: Weapons being to accurate ( Like the shotgun being to accurate)
Fixed: Serveral crashes
Fixed: Hud icon color not allways updating correctly
Fixed: Radio menus ( used by admin tools ) not correctly working trough death
Fixed: Using ammo crate with m203 and not having any grenades would prevent you from getting more.
Fixed: When using supply crates on a weapon pickup up it would not allways resupply you ( When it was a weapon your class dident suppport)
Fixed: Recoil on SVD and m249

2.0a to 2.0c
Fixes serveral server side crashes.

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Uploaded by EKS


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