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Glide Wrappers emulate 3dfx hardware (read: Voodoo, Voodoo 2, Voodoo 3 GFX cards).  This one works pretty good.

Install, then open the Configurator, make what selections you want, then launch the game.  (Perhaps some games need you to run their setup program and detect the video card.  eg, Descent: or Conflict: FreeSpace.)

Tested games section from the Readme:

Tested games

The following list almost exclusively contains titles I've tested myself. I made it a policy to not include titles in the "fine" category if they were reported to work, but I couldn't verify that. I do that because the wrapper now has six different "code paths" for the different supported graphics cards, and just because a game happens to work on one of them doesn't mean it will work on all of them. So I'd rather do extensive testing first. Sorry if this seems arrogant, I'm just trying to be thorough here.
Stuff that works

   * fine (aka pixel perfect)
         o Boss Rally
         o Carmageddon 2
         o Carnivores, demo version [sup]1[/sup]
         o Croc, full version [sup]1[/sup]
           If you change Croc's "driver settings", make sure to delete the glide2x.dll that gets created in the game directory.
         o Descent: Freespace, full version
           Thread policy: Crazy
         o Dethkarz [sup]1[/sup]
         o Diablo 2
           Minor issues of Geforce 1/2/4MX: minion portraits are not transparent and stackable minion counts (wolves, ravens) will not be displayed.
           Unlike on real Voodoo hardware, the game will react to the "Windows key", which can get pretty annoying. I wasn't able to prevent this. Sorry. Otherwise works very well.
         o Die By The Sword, full version and addons [sup]1[/sup]
           The game will not display its hardware selection menu (and thus run in software mode only) unless you either use Windows 98 compatibility mode or launch the game by double-clicking Windie.exe in the game folder.
           Doesn't shut down cleanly. You need to kill the process after exiting the game.
         o Driver, demo version
         o Gex 3D, demo version [sup]1 3[/sup]
         o Heli Heroes
         o Ignition [sup]1[/sup]
           The game uses the 640x400 resolution. That means if you want high res, you need to convince your graphics card driver to support the quite unusual 1280x800 resolution ...
         o Incubation [sup]1[/sup]
         o Independence War Deluxe: Defiance (demo version) [sup]1[/sup]
           I don't have the full game, so that may well behave differently. If you're having problems, please read this. Note that reducing the amount of virtual memory may help to prevent some crashes. As seen here for example.
         o Killer Loop, demo version
         o Manx TT Superbike, demo version
         o MDK
         o Motorhead, demo version
           Full version crashes!
         o Need for Speed 2, full version [sup]2[/sup]
           Thread policy: Use render thread. Note that the demo version is listed separately in the glitchy section.
         o Pandemonium 2, demo version [sup]1[/sup]
         o Powerslide
         o Quake2 "3dfxGL", full v320 (AMD build)
           Do not select "3DNow! 3dfxGL", that's for Voodoo 2 only ...
         o Quake3 with WickedGL 2.99
         o Rollcage: Stage 2, demo version [sup]1 4[/sup]
         o Speed Busters
           Thread policy: Crazy
           Transparency problems on tier0 can be fixed by selecting 8 bit textures in the game's launcher.
         o Subculture
           If the game starts up windowed and without focus, click it once (in the taskbar) or use ALT+TAB to activate it.
         o Summoner
         o Starsiege Tribes, demo version
           Runs best with texture memory set to 2MB. Still pointless. Just use the built-in OpenGL renderer.
         o Tarzan, demo version [sup]2[/sup]
         o Test Drive 4
           Gamma at 1.7 is recommended.
         o Turok - Dinosaur Hunter
         o Ultima IX, full v1.09
           Transparency issues of Geforce 1/2/4MX.
           There's some z fighting, but this happens on a real Voodoo 3, too, depending on view distance settings. Performs okay now, but the Direct3D renderer is still much faster. Ironically, the game seems to run smoother if you have the wrapper generate mipmaps.
         o Ultim@te Race Pro, demo version [sup]4[/sup]
         o Unreal, full v226
           The game's timing starts to break with very high frame rates (200+ fps), so leave on vsync or use the frame limiter option. The game is also very incompatible with "Cool'n'Quiet" and "SpeedStep" power saving tech.
           Radeon 8500 has numeric range issues with certain floor textures. Radeon 9000 and 9200 (which are treated in the exact same way by the wrapper) are fine. This is out of my control.
         o Unreal Tournament, full v436
         o Wing Commander Prophecy, demo version [sup]1 5[/sup] (>512MiB)
           The videos will play too fast, the game is fine. I was told that's not my fault :-)
           Reducing sound hardware acceleration to "none" in DXDiag (Start->Run->dxdiag) is supposed to help. It didn't help me, but give it a try.
         o Wizardry 8
   * with rendering glitches or other issues
         o ePSXe w Lewpy's Glide Plugin
           Looks very well, performs like dog on Radeons. Geforce cards should be okay.
         o F1 (Psygnosis), demo version
           Occasional flickering on the track, right in front of the camera. You must rename (or delete) the glide2x.dll that comes with the demo.
         o F15 (Jane's) - reported, not tested by myself
           Reported to work okay, but with horrible performance issues in the cockpit view. Stay away from the high res option, because it will cost a lot of performance in this game.
         o Madtrax, demo version [sup]1[/sup]
           Transparency issues on NVIDIA cards. Fine on ATI cards.
         o Mask of Eternity (aka King's Quest 8), full version [sup]5[/sup] (>512MiB)
           Looks good, and now constantly hits its internal 15 fps limit if you limit texture memory to 2MB.
         o Need for Speed 2, demo version [sup]2[/sup]
           Unlike the full version, this one works better with the Thread policy set to Classic. Lots of sound issues.
         o Operation Flashpoint, demo version
           Mild texture and shadow issues. I recommend just using the Direct3D renderer. It offers better performance, allows a wider selection of screen resolution, and looks great.
         o Outlaws
           Opening doors and some other scripted animations do not work properly with very high framerates. Avoid the "Always off" vsync option.
           The menu background is all pink and save game screenshots will be all grey. This is a known regression and will be fixed.
         o Project 64 w Gonetz' Glide64 plugin
           Thread policy: Use render thread.
           There will be no multitexturing effects because the wrapper currently doesn't support multitexturing. HWFBE won't work either.
         o Rayman 2, demo version [sup]1 3 4[/sup]
           Needs a few seconds to start up, be patient. Resolution switching through the in-game menu doesn't work.
         o Red Baron 3D, multi-player demo
           The cockpit misses a few pixels and the mouse cursor is garbled, otherwise okay.
         o Robo Rumble 3D, demo version
           If mouse clicks don't register, ALT+TAB away from the game, then ALT+TAB back to it. The mouse should now work.
         o Rollcage, demo version [sup]1 4[/sup]
           The flag in the top right of the menu screen isn't quite right.
         o Sports Car GT [sup]1[/sup]
           Intro slides don't show up, mouse trail in menus, some color interpolation issues in the game.
         o UltraHLE
           Multitexture effects are missing.
   * unplayable
         o Hind
           Instant crash.
         o Joint Strike Fighter, demo version
           The hud doesn't render, very slow
         o Long Bow 2
           Instantly crashes for me. Some people reported success with various versions of my wrapper (you can still get a few older ones from the download site). Others reported crashes only after playing a while. So ... try it. It does not work for me at all, and I won't promise anything.
         o Montezuma's Return
           Black. Everything.
         o Monaco Grand Prix Racing Simulation
           Sooner or later it will crash. Thread policy Crazy seems to be best, but that's not saying much.
         o POD
           Thread policy: Use render thread.
           Rendering works, but in-game keyboard controls are "late".
         o Rogue Squadron, demo version
           Keyboard issues. Can't create a player profile ...
         o Uprising, demo version
           You'll only see the hud, nothing else (the game uses a "compare to bias" depth testing mode)

[sup]1[/sup] requires tier 1 hardware to look good.
[sup]2[/sup] use "render to client window" option
[sup]3[/sup] likely much too fast, try the "pedantic" vsync option
[sup]4[/sup] does not run properly on Win2k/WinXP. Win98SE is recommended. Or give it a shot with compatibility mode
[sup]5[/sup] incompatible with systems that have large amounts of memory

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