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Allied Intent Xtended - v1.0 Server Files

Uploaded by Zrix


Server files for Allied Intent Xtended v1.0.

"A small note about the server package: It was zipped up without a root folder name unfortunately, so my appologies for that! The correct folder name for the mod under the server is simply "aix"."


AIX is purely a Single Player and COOP focused mod for Battlefield 2. The Developers have created what they think should have been the single player experience that was sadly lacking in the original game. AIX doesnt not cater to the multiplayer crowd in the slightest. It will work in multiplayer servers, but it will be sorely imbalanced as all content is geared towards bots using it. We hope you enjoy what we feel is the premiere single player and coop mod for Battlefield 2!

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Uploaded by Zrix

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