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Battlefield 2 - Airmaps

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The great event so waited by the community is arrived! The famous version of AirMAPS is updated! The version 6 is available after a development which took approximately one year for the pleasure of everyone. AirMAPS come back in his “Wambi’s edition� !

In this news we will reveal you some innovations from the new version with pictures and texts (but not all innovations to keep the surprise’s effect). Ladies and Sirs, good reading !

This is an extract from the list of modifications made by the dev’ team for AirMAPS:
- 4 new maps (3 already annonced)
- 2 game mode (stunt and conquest)
- 21 new vehicles
- 7 new weapons
- 10 vehicle’s  skins were changed/updated/improved
- new protections against base-raping
- lot of static objects
- lot of surprises

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