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Ultima Online: Kingdom Reborn 14-Day Trial Client

Uploaded by Satras


Description: Step 1:
Create account at
Click 'Create Account', following account creation instructions - when prompted, enter registration code: FREE-UOKR-REG1-14DT

Step 2:
Download game file. Allow patch screen to update and then press "play"

Step 3
Login in using your newly created account name and password

Experience Ultima Online like never before
EA Mythic has released a 14-Day trial client for Ultima Online: Kingdom Reborn giving you the chance to play for free, for 14 days, this complete make-over of Ultima Online, with a new graphics engine, a state-of-the-art user interface and enough new content for even the most seasoned players. Ultima Online: Kingdom Reborn is also a full-featured expansion pack which will include a playable race, epic battles versus powerful monsters, deep dangerous dungeons, player-versus-player combat, creative housing design, crafting, and much more.

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