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Fighter Squadron SDOE Flight Simulator Combat Game for PC

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June 25, 2007

Fighter Squadron: Screamin' Demons Over Europe
Flight Simulator Combat Game for PC
Custom, Professional Quality, Full Installer DVD ISO
"Fly the bloody skies of WWI & WWII!"

This is the only torrent like it on the internet.

If you don't know what an ISO image is, google it. Then,
Burn to DVD and install, or mount the image with Daemon Tools or similar and install.
You'll need about 3.5 GB free hard drive for a complete install.

The FS:SDOE game is based on an open source engine that has seen continual additions and improvements
from an enthusiastic community. This continuing development has truly allowed the game to achieve
its full potential.

But, until now, installing this game with all the latest patches and new content required
a great degree of expertise, if you could even FIND all the content and the proper instructions.

This DVD ISO contains a special Custom Installer that will install the game

Completely patched---install and play with full confidence.
Completely updated---tons of new high resolution content, missions and more.

This DVD also contains a WWI stand alone mod. With WWI & WWII versions installed, the player will have
nearly 300 aircraft and vehicles to enjoy, with maps spanning all theaters of the Great War and World War Two.

This installer installs the whole thing, ready to play.
No need to run the game once before updating.
No need for the patch dance.
No need to install everything separately.
Five mouse clicks and you're done.
The installer even sets the Windows 98 compatibility mode for you!

For Current Info:

Notes on the original game:

Manufacturer's Description:
This sensational flight simulator takes you into the realms of the grim reality of World War II. Feel the shudder of shrapnel
piercing fuselage. Eye the torrent of smoke and shattered parts trailing from your engine as you try to make it back to
base alive with a sheared off wing.
Fighter Squadron: The Screamin' Demons over Europe, delivers combat so real, you will think that you were there.

Lurch into the cloudy skies in any of the ten aircraft from three different countries; the UK (Lancaster bomber, Mosquito,
Spitfire and Typhoon), the US (B-17G Flying Fortress, P-38 Lightening and P-51 Mustang) and Germany (FW190,
Me-262 Jet and the Junkers 88 bomber).

# "Skinnable" aircraft allows you to create your own camouflage scheme or simply download user created schemes
featuring famous squadron markings or famous aces' aircraft.
# Take on 90 separate missions in 30 scenarios with advanced squadron A1; aggression, loyalty, morale, skill and sanity - even
individual gunner positions react independently.
# Mission Editor - allows you to create your own missions to fly solo or multiplayer - allowing up to 16 players over the Internet.
# Jump from plane to plane during missions allowing you to command and control an entire strike or to co-ordinate
a desperate aerial defense.
Take up different crew positions such as bombardier, tail gunner, turret gunner or leave the plane to fly on autopilot.
# Superb terrain with rolling hills ideal for dog-fighting.
# Create your pilot's career with decorations and promotions.

A Review:    
The best Flight Model in town, SDOE really rocks!  2 Sep 2002
When released about 3 years ago, Fighter Squadron Screamin' Demons Over Europe (SDOE) featured top of the art graphics and
accurate damage modeling but above all the best flight model in the market. Based on an advanced physic model, it simply provides
the most realistic flight feeling ever available on a computer.
Today, several years on, this flight sims lives on, supported by an enthusiastic community that regularly releases upgrades
and improvements over the internet. And with these free add-ons, up to date graphics and many new planes released by the
community's plane builders, it comes second to none for historical accuracy and in-flight realism. definately a must-have.

IGN Article:

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