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Lost Planet - PC Demo [DirectX 9]

Uploaded by Zrix


This version is for Windows XP users only!

-Speaking of DirectX, make sure you have the latest version. The easy way to do that is to start Internet Explorer, go to Tools and select Windows Update. It should automatically detect and let you know if you have the latest version of not. Alternatively, for DirectX 9, you can go here and download the latest version manually.

-Lost Planet PC requires a Shader 3.0 compatible video card. For NVIDIA, these are any card from the 6, 7, or 8 series. For ATI/AMD, make sure you have an X1×00+ card or later.

-Make sure you have the latest drivers, especially video drivers. For NVIDIA cards, head on over to, and for ATI/AMD, it's


This fast-paced third person shooter takes you accross the vast and frozen landscapes of E.D.N. III. The ability to fight stealthily on-foot or from within heavily armored Vital Suits offers two unique modes of gameplay. While on foot, use the zip line to get up to strategic enemy-annihilating vantage points and discover unexplored areas and weapons. Or, jump into your own Vital Suit or hijack an enemy Snow Pirate's VS to go head to head with enormous and more powerful Akrid foes.

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Visible no (dead)
Type Demo/Trials
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Uploaded by Zrix


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